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Generic Technologies R&D Consortiums - MAGNET

Consortiums of industrial companies and research institutions collaborating to develop innovative technologies.

Goal of the incentive program:

To assist in the development of generic technologies in important areas where Israeli industry has a competitive advantage. Since the incentive program specializes in the development of generic technology, it allows distribution of knowledge and cooperation between companies operating in the same field, which may be difficult to achieve otherwise.

Who is the incentive program for?

  • Israelimanufacturingcompaniesdevelopingcompetitiveproductsandinterestedindeveloping innovative technologies, which can be used as a basis to develop a new and advanced generation of products.
  • Israeli academic research groups engaged in scientific or technological research, seeking to promote applied research as part of a consortium, as well as to collaborate with the industry and study the market needs.

What do you get?

  • The amount of the grant provided through the consortium is up to 66% of the approved budget for an industrial company and 100% of the approved budget for a research institution (80% as a grant and 20% from the industrial companies in the consortium).
  • The operating period is three years.

Why should you apply for this incentive program?

Exposure to new knowledge: The cooperation exposes the companies to new knowledge and allows collaborative R&D in ways that otherwise would not have been implemented.

Solid ground for development: Long-term financial support, exemption from repayment of royalties, supply of the necessary equipment and creation of collaborations between leading industrial companies and academia serve as an expedient and solid framework for developing breakthrough technologies.

No royalties: The companies participating in this incentive program are exempt from paying royalties for repayment of grant funds transferred to them through the consortium.

For further details: MAGNET Consortiums


Users’ Association R&D Infrastructure

This incentive program allows joint activity of a group of industrial corporations. The corporations promote a joint R&D infrastructure required by several industrial entities from the same technological field.

Goal of the incentive program:

Development and operation of R&D supportive infrastructure that jointly contributes to a number of companies from the same technological field.

Who is the incentive program for?

Companies engaged in R&D and interested in collaborating in the establishment of R&D infrastructure critical to their activity.

What do you get?

  • The Association, as an independent legal entity, receives a grant of up to 66% of the approved budget. The remaining 34% is funded by the participating companies. Companies do not receive any direct grants as part of this incentive program.
  • Time Frame - up to 3 years, with the option for an extension of further 3 years.

Why should you apply for this incentive program?

Cost-effectiveness: Pooling of resources towards a joint initiative, that would be difficult, expensive, or impossible for an individual company.

For further details: Users’ Association R&D Infrastructure


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