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Israel Innovation Authority

The Israel Innovation Authority, in charge of planning and executing the country’s innovation policy, is an independent and impartial public entity that operates for the benefit of the Israeli innovation ecosystem and Israeli economy.

As such, the Israel Innovation Authority advises the government and Parliament (“Knesset”) Committees regarding innovation in Israel and furthermore monitors and analyzes the dynamic changes taking place throughout the innovation environments in Israel and abroad. The Authority creates cooperation with counterpart agencies to promote technological innovation in the Israeli industry and economy.

The Authority’s Strategic Goals and Objectives:

Ensuring the sustainable technological leadership of Israeli industry:

  • Promote cutting edge technological projects
  • Help promising startups to achieve a fundable milestone
  • Increase connectivity in knowledge ecosystems
  • Increase the supply of skilled human capital for the hi-tech industry

Increasing the economic impact of knowledge-intensive companies:

  • Encourage the growth of complete and global Israeli companies
  • Increase the economic impact on the Israeli economy of multinational companies operating in Israel

Encouraging technological innovation to strengthen the productivity of the private sector:

  • Promote R&D in manufacturing industries
  • Leverage Israeli technological capabilities to advance innovation in the entire private sector

Promoting technological innovation with social and economic return:

  • Link the knowledge-intensive industry to social and public challenges
  • Promote technological innovation in Israel’s peripheral regions for better use of the innovation resources and for increasing regional productivity

The Israel Innovation Authority’s structure:

In order to achieve the above-mentioned objectives, the Israel Innovation Authority has adopted an internal structure designed to enable: task and client orientation, concentration of knowledge and tools under a single entity, enlargement of the offered toolbox, and expansion of the scope of activities beyond R&D. This strategic approach is advanced through a number of ‘Innovation Divisions’ each focused on a specific target audience, for the purpose of developing and delivering dedicated solutions to their associated challenges.

For the benefit of the hi-tech industry’s entrepreneurs and professionals: The Innovation Authority has created and established an array of active Innovation Divisions that are focused on providing optimal solutions for changing needs. This sophisticated structure offers a comprehensive response to the needs of Israel’s innovation ecosystem.

The Innovation Divisions include: Startup Division, Growth Division, Technological Infrastructure Division, International Collaboration Division, Advanced Manufacturing Division and Societal Challenges Division. These Divisions pave a variety of customized paths for entrepreneurs and companies to promote, implement and realize the various stages of their innovative R&D ideas.



Over the years, the State of Israel has supported the development of a thriving innovative ecosystem by encouraging industrial R&D via a variety of means. The government innovation policy has led to many achievements and today is a leading center of innovation, proud of its exceptional entrepreneurial spirit , extensive investment in corporate R&D, advanced scientific research and developed venture capital environment. The Innovation Authority follows the development of Israel’s innovation ecosystem and updates its policy and supportive tools accordingly. The Authority’s Strategy and Economy Division provides ongoing support to these processes via research, planning, evaluation and budget supervision.