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Product Adaptation Incentive Program

The Product Adaptation Incentive Program for emerging markets was developed as part of the bi-national incentive programs out of an understanding of the importance of economic activity with emerging markets.

Goal of the incentive program:

This incentive program allows companies to adapt their products and services to the target markets, in terms of changes in manufacture processes, regulation, language, climate etc.

Who is the incentive program for?

Technology companies in all industrial sectors that are required to make engineering and technological changes to their products, in order to adapt them to emerging markets.

What do you get?

  • This incentive program offers support and funding of up to 50% of recognized expenditures of companies that are required to make technological and engineering adaptations to their products in accordance with the standards and needs of the target market.
  • The recognized expenses in this incentive program include: upgrading/changing, manufacturing processes, regulatory adaptations, establishment of a beta site, utility patent, and others.

For further details: Product Adaptation Incentive Program



Bi-national Funds

The Israel Innovation Authority operates bi-national funds along with its counterparts in foreign countries, in accordance with the agreements signed between the Israeli government and the governments of the respective partner countries. Each country allocates dedicated funds to finance joint R&D projects between Israeli and foreign companies.

There are currently five bi-national funds:
BIRD – Israel-United States
CIIRDF – Israel-Canada
SIIRD – Israel-Singapore
KORIL – Israel-Korea
I4F - Israel-India

Goal of the incentive program:

To increase the competitiveness and relative advantage of Israeli companies in the global market, by encouraging cooperation between them and foreign companies, in addition to promote and develop new and complementary technologies, and reduce of financial and technological risk exposure.

Who is the incentive program for?

  • Technology companies from all industrial sectors that seek to develop or upgrade innovative products or processes with an international partner.
  • Technology companies and startups seeking to create strategic alliances and joint ventures with suitable companies abroad, in order to expand their operations, find additional sources for R&D funding, break into new markets and benefit from the knowledge and technology available abroad.

What do you get?

  • Assistance in finding a partner.
    Financial assistance of up to 50% of the approved budget for a R&D project.

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I4F - Israel-India