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KAMIN – Incentive Program

The KAMIN incentive program serves as a bridge between basic and applied research and is focused on the stage of transformation and realization of basic research achievements into technologies with commercial application.

Goal of the incentive program:

To encourage applied research in the academic research institutions that can attract the investment interests of business entities willing to cooperate with the research institution towards a commercialization agreement.

Who is the incentive program for?

Research groups from Israeli universities, colleges, public research institutes and medical centers that seek to conduct applied research, building upon the basic research. The research must be innovative and original in terms of industrial application; its results should be applicable to industries in Israel and potentially have high added value for the entire economy.

What do you get?

  • Conditional grant of 85%-90% of the approved budget, up to a maximum amount of NIS 440,000 per year. A study conducted in collaboration with two different institutes will be eligible for funding of up to NIS 660,000 with a maximum sum of NIS 400,000 for a single institution.
    • The support is provided for a period of one or two years, with the possibility to extend this period in exceptional cases with a reduced grant of 66% of the approved budget.
    • The grant recipients are exempt from repayment of royalties.

Why should you apply for this incentive program?

Financial and professional support: The incentive program offers financial and professional support of the research processes, thus increasing the chance of success of the applied research.

Bridging the gap between basic research and applications: The incentive program increases the chances of bringing the research to the phase of commercial feasibility, and promotes cooperation between the research institute and an industrial company in order to commercialize the achievements of the research.

Rights to research knowledge: The rights to the knowledge gained during the research belong exclusively to the research institute applying for the grant.

For further details: KAMIN Incentive Program

Applied Support of Research Institutes

This incentive program assists and supports research institutes conducting applied research promoting industry in Israel. The support is provided via three sub-programs:

  • R&D Generic Technology Programs
  • R&D Programs in Cooperation with an Industrial Company
  • Purchasing of R&D Scientific Equipment

* Interested parties may apply to two or more programs simultaneously.

Goal of the incentive program:

To provide assistance and support in the creation of R&D capabilities in applied research institutes that conduct applied research whose goal is the further development of Israeli advanced manufacturing.

Who is the incentive program for?

Research institutes operating as independent legal entities engaged in applied R&D and providing R&D services for Israeli industrial corporations. The complete list of conditions and criteria is detailed on the Authority’s website.

What do you get?

Grant funds are to be used for the financing of the R&D sub-program program and/or the equipment purchased. The benefit will be provided for a period of one year, with the possibility to apply for support for an additional year.

Why should you apply for this incentive program?

Participation in risks only: The incentive program offers research institutes participation in the risks involved in the R&D processes, but not in the future revenues from the research results.
No royalties: The beneficiary research institute will be exempt from repayment of royalties.

For further details: Applied Support of Research Institutes