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The EU Framework Agreements – Horizon 2020

Horizon 2020 Program – Cooperation in R&D and Innovation as part of the European Frameworks Program

Horizon 2020 is the European Union’s Framework Program for Research and Innovation and constitutes the world’s largest platform for the funding of research, development and innovation. The program, which began operation in 2014 and will conclude in 2020, has a multi-year budget of approximately 77 billion Euros. Israel is a full partner in the program and Israeli entities are eligible to submit requests and receive funding.

The program funds:

  • Consortiums between at least three partners from three countries for R&D and innovation activities. The partners may be from the fields of industry, academia, research institutes, public and private organizations, and any other legal entity relevant to the consortium’s activity.
  • Outstanding scientists in groundbreaking research via the ERC (European Research Council) Program.
  • Small and medium-sized businesses via the SME Instrument.
  • Researchers’ mobility via the Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions Program.

Who is the program for?

Any organization or legal entity that would benefit from cooperation in international research, development and innovation processes: companies, startups, corporations, research and academic institutions, government agencies, hospitals, municipalities, non-profit organizations and others.

How do you submit a request for funding?

Calls for Proposals are publicized for the various programs, in some cases several times a year and in others, just once a year. Information regarding the calls for proposals can be found in the EC Participant Portal.

What do you get?

  • The possibility to realize large scale and costly projects.
  • A monetary grant to carry out the project, without giving up the rights to its intellectual property. Exemption from paying royalties as repayment for grant funds.
  • Access to subsidized loans from the European Investment Bank (EIB).
  • Access to knowledge generated by the project.
  • Involvement in setting international standards.
  • Dialogue with European R&D and innovation policy makers.
  • Exposure to and partnership in innovative technologies.
  • Establishment and deepening of cooperation with EU research groups.
  • Creation of a business network that extends access to European markets.
  • Opening of new markets.
  • Enhanced familiarity of and business intelligence on clients, suppliers and competitors.

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Boosting Participation of Israeli Companies in the European Frameworks Program

 Horizon 2020 Program

As part of the efforts to assist and encourage Israeli entities in submitting requests to the Framework Program and to programs that offer joint funding by the European Frameworks Program, the Innovation Authority has initiated the establishment of a program to support companies in seeking partners and in submitting high-quality requests to the Frameworks Program, as well as a track that supports long-term involvement in this program.

Goal of the program:

The program provides support to companies interested in submitting requests to the EU Framework Program – Horizon 2020.

Who is the program for?

Israeli corporations interested in participating in the Horizon 2020 Program.

What do you get?

Program 37A: Intended for corporations only interested in submitting requests to the R&D programs of the EU in the Consortiums track or in the SME Instrument Phase 2. In this program, the grant will be for 75% of the approved expenditures up to NIS 40,000, including: international travel expenses, participation in conferences to locate partners, and authorized consultation for writing the request. As part of this program, the applicant will be eligible to only one grant for submission to the SME Instrument Phase 2 Track, and only one grant for submission to the Consortiums Track for the entire duration of the Horizon Program – i.e., a maximum of up to two grants as part of this supportive tool during the Horizon Program.

Program 37B: Intended for selected companies for long-term participation in the EU Framework Program. As part of this supportive tool, assistance will be given each year, for up to 3 years to selected corporations for long-term participation in the Horizon Program. A participating company will receive a grant of up to 85% of approved expenditures up to NIS 70,000 for participation in European Industrial Associations, travel expenses, participation in conferences to locate partners, and authorized consultation for writing the request.

European Programs for Parallel Support

The Eurostars Program

The Eurostars program offers funding for bi-national and multinational projects operated by the EUREKA organization. The participating countries annually allocate funding for requests made under this program. The program focuses on SMEs: the main applicant must be a small or medium-sized company, and at least 50% of the budget request must be allocated for this company. Eurostars has two submission deadlines a year, usually in February-March and September. The examination of applications is carried out by a committee in Brussels, and the selected proposals are brought to the national financial authorities of the relevant countries.

EUREKA Program

The EUREKA program was established in 1985 as an inter-governmental initiative with the aspiration of enhancing the existing competitiveness in the industry by supporting businesses, research centers and universities engaging in pan-European projects to develop innovative products, processes and services. Israel currently participates in more than 10% of the program’s projects. Through the EUREKA framework, Israeli companies can participate and receive funding from bi-national and multinational partners from the program’s 40 member-countries (regardless of whether Israel has a bi- lateral agreement with that country).

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