The International Collaboration Division is responsible for creating bridges to new international markets, building platforms for cooperation in innovative R&D, and attracting strategic foreign stakeholders to Israel, all while creating competitive advantages for the Israeli industry in the global market. 

Operated by the Europe, Americas and Asia Pacific Desks, as well as the desk for multinational corporations, support for international cooperation projects is made possible through an array of bilateral cooperation agreements and bi-national funds, as well as through the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation. 

Together with its counterpart organizations abroad, the division coordinates calls for proposals for funding and assists in matching partners in Israel and abroad for joint R&D projects and other business ties. 

Target audiences:

  • Foreign clients: R&D companies, multinational corporations, foreign investors, etc.
  • Israeli clients: Israeli companies, as well as academia and research institutes that are looking for comprehensive assistance in penetrating foreign markets.
  • Foreign governments and foreign funding agencies seeking to establish cooperation agreements with the Israeli government (on whose behalf the Authority operates). 

International Collaboration Division Incentive Programs